Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Frank Jr. : another HTML5 experiment

Following my previous experience with my small Tapper remake in HTML5, I decided to push this to the next level and build my own game framework/engine.

"Frank Jr." is today my very first real test (and playable game) with my own Javascript / HTML5 Game Library (jToolBox), on which I've been working since the last couple of months. This is of course still far from being a professional stuff (but guess what : I'm not a professional !), and although jToolBox still need a lot of work, I thought this was already good and fun enough to be shared with people, so here it is :)

To do a quick post-mortem on the project, I would say that the most difficult part was to have a working "cross-browser" implementation for the Audio Element. That part is the one that gave me the most hard time, and I'm planning to post an article about how to do this correctly within the next few days, so come back later if you are interested.

In the mean time, I'll hope you'll enjoy this little humble game :)


  1. rhooooo:

  2. hmmfff....

    Frank is so "old stuff" now... it's using an very very early version of melonJS (that was called jsToolBox at that time), if I had to update it, I think the best option would be to totally rewrite the game, as since that the library totally changed :)

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