Wednesday, June 1, 2011

small Alex4 update...

Hi Guys,

I just published a small update to Alex 4, version 1.0 1.1 ( be sure to check the version in the Credits Screen, and right-click on "reload frame" if the new version doesn't show up) ! Actually there is nothing really new in Alex4, but I've been working on melonJS since the last Alex release, cleaning code, correctings bugs, implementing stuff, and since they all benefit to the game itself, having a better version online is still nice :)

For those interested, here is the changelog in melonJS since last time :

  • fixed camera/viewport object and added a couple of effects (e.g. shaking, fading,..)

  • fixed "boostrap" (2 calls were made to the init function)

  • rewrote the parallax code and fixed a bug that was causing each layers to be drawn 2x times (ouch!)

  • fixed GFX glitches (it was actually a bug in the engine)

  • implemented John Resig's inheritance mechanism for all public objects

I'm also almost reaching the magical 1.0.0 version (my target for a public release), which also means that melonJS API is getting more and more stable, and the big next point for me now is to work on the documentation. I've been trying to do something with jsdoc, hoping to get something automatically generated, but so far it's a complete failure :) if anyone has any advice on that, I'm highly interested !

Also, the other benefit of the last changes in melonJS, is also a reduced size ! I'm mentioning on melonJS homepage, that melonJS is a lightweight engine, and now with a size of 57kb (minified) I think I can tell it's true. For information alex4 code is 29kb big (minified).

So for those who played the game and noticed a few bugs, they should be gone now ! Thank you as well to Dominic (ImpactJS) for kindly pointing me out the limitation with John Resig's implementation :)

And finally I'm still looking for some beta-tester, so if you have a nice idea for a game, are looking for a simple framework, and ready to deal with WIP not well documented stuff, drop me an email !

Thank you for reading !


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