Thursday, July 7, 2011

melonJS 0.9.0 is available !

Hey guys,

I'm happy to tell you that melonJS is finally available. Originally I was planning to wait for the 1.0 version to be ready, but I finally realized that if I was waiting for melonJS to be perfect, I would never release it (...), so here comes the 0.9.0 version !

The following things are available through the download page :

  • minified version of melonJS (0.9.0)

  • source package of the library (I will put everything in github in the coming days, the time to learn how to use it correctly)

  • melonJS documentation (auto-generated using jsdoc)

  • a tutorial showing how to create a simple patformer using (of course) melonJS and Tiled.

Please keep in mind that this is all a first release, melonJS is still beta software (source code is not the cleanest one and still contains some debug stuff), and although I tried my best to have a good documentation and/or tutorial, it won't be perfect at all.

I'm of course interested on any feedbacks (good and bad), either on missing information/documentation, about bug corrections, or on nice features to be added in melonJS. Feel free to contribute with anything as well.

To finish, a few words on my plan for the near future (in no particular order) :

  • optimization (i.e. tilemap drawing) and bug corrections

  • fully stabilize the API (lacks of coherence, or naming to be corrected)

  • go mobile (touch interface)

  • implement a dirty rectangle mechanism

  • implement support for a "standard" spritesheet format (like texturepacker, zwoptex or something)

  • add some particle management (this is not supported by the engine today)

  • look at possible H/W acceleration (CSS, WebGL)

  • Better integration with Tiled (if possible)

That's all ! Hoping that you'll have fun with melonJS,



  1. It's great! I was able to get the demos to work, but the game on shows up blank on Chrome 12 for me (mac) and in Firefox 5 the .ogg files are stuck in a continuous loading loop so the game doesnt play there either :(
    Can't wait to see this up and running! We need a good free HTML5 game engine!

  2. Thank you !
    Which game are you talking about ? Alex4 ? it's strange, because I'm also on OSX (SL), and I have it running on all version of Chrome since Chrome 11 (but tapJS seems to be in maintenance, so maybe it's the problem?).

    Also some of my demos (see melonJS gallery page) are using mp3 or ogg (for browser like FF) and are working with FF 3.5 and 4.x (but didn't test yet with FF 5), I'll check that, thanks for the feedback.

    And I do hope as well melonJS will become a good free HTML5 free engine :):):) I'm currently pulling everything in github, and hope people will contribute as well and help making it better !

  3. I confirm : tapJS seems to be "out of service" today... !

  4. Great work ! Been looking for a javascript game api for a while, and this one is clearly the best fit for me ! I still need to dig a little deeper to fully see all features, but I'm already enthusiastic.
    Besides, I now know I'm not the only one using carriage return before opening curly brackets ;)

  5. Hey, this looks really great, especially the Tiled integration. I have developed an HTML5 game engine too: - I'm inspired to look at Tiled support now, thanks! :)

  6. Cool ,I really like this engine! I'll develop android game using this engine and phoneGap. I'm so hope that this engine can support mobile devices quickly(include touch and audio).

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