Thursday, October 6, 2011

melonJS 0.9.1 available

I was initially planning for melonJS 0.9.1 to be just a bug fix release (based on the first feedbacks received), but I finally found myself adding more than I initially wanted, at the point where calling it 0.9.1 almost does not really make sense !

Anyway, going straight to the point and without being too technical, here is what changed in this new version :

  • A traditional "batch" of bug fix

  • Better performances (see my previous post)

  • Better browser compatibility (various browser fix), including IE9 and the coming IE10 platform.

  • Better integration with Tiled, supported features should now be on pair with the last Tiled version (0.7.1)

  • Beta Dirty Rectangle support (that will be very useful later on mobile platforms)

  • Experimental WebGL support (contact me if you need more details on this)

Please see the full changelog on github if you wish more details on this new version, and also the online documentation. And as previously, everything is available through the melonJS download page.

For the next major version, I'm planning to add support for touch event and other stuff needed to get this baby running on iOS or/and Android devices, along with some other new features. I will also look at appMobi and PhoneGap, don't hesitate to let me know if you have any recommandation/feedback on this last point.

Finally I would like to thank everybody for the warm enthusiasm and interests expressed towards melonJS, and of course for all the feedback that also helped me bring all the stuff in this version together :)

And, as always, have fun !

[EDIT] I added a "forum", using google group, it's not a super fancy forum and for sure is basically empty for now, but this a good place to start if you have any questions about the engine. Link is available from the melonJS homepage.


  1. Howdy there. I'm a new user and have already built a complete demo game and am working on a much more advanced second.

    I've sent you an email too.

    Thanks for all of your hard work. This is quite a refreshing take on a lightweight JS engine. Well done.


  2. Hi Anthony,
    thank you very much for your message, and I can't wait to see what you've done / will done :)
    Don't hesitate to contact me for any question or help you might need.
    Have fun,
    PS: I didn't receive any email so far :)

  3. Any plans for Box2DJS integration?
    Thanks for the amazing work.

  4. Thank you :)
    Concerning Box2DJS, it's in my wishlist yes, but for when exactly, I don't know yet :)

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