Monday, February 13, 2012

melonJS featured games

Recently, some high-quality productions based on melonJS are starting to show up, which of course makes me very happy, and I wanted to share with you two of the last best ones.

So, we will start with Bitzz by Tiago Almeida :

Chaos is an evil virus that infected Bitzz. You must be fast and help Bitzz escaping, reaching the portal, in the less time possible!

What are you waiting for? Go!

Bitzz was built with HTML5 and Javascript using of course melonJS, but also scoreoid for Global Scores, Best Scores and Player Management. Tiago Almeida is a freelancer from Portugal who loves what he does. He developed the game, created the graphic design and the sounds.

Concerning scoreoid, I would also highly encourage you to check their website, as they are providing a very nice solution for global score management, see the following description from their page:

"Scoreoid, developed by game developers for game developers, is a non-restrictive, reliable and easy to use gaming platform designed to handle but not limited to scoring, leaderboards and game management, including advanced functions such as platform content awareness, for multi-platform games."

click here to try blitzz or here  for a video of it running and more details from the scoreiod showcase page.

Tiago also generously released his game as open-source to the community and is now available at the following github repository.

Then for our next game, I'm calling : Frangoi’s Journey  !

Frangoi’s Journey is a game prototype developed in only 40hours during the 2012's Global Game Jam, made using melonJS. And athough in development stage, this game is already very promising with an original gameplay and polished graphics.

Frangoi is an old Alchemist who wishes to find the secret formula of a potion that can give the immortality. He can travel between 2 parallel words in order to find the elements for the immortality potion.

You can play the game from the project homepage (there is even a FB link at the bottom of their page) and as well follow the project evolution/development on github.

That's it for today  !

Have fun :)


  1. Thanks for talking about Scoroeid, and MelonJS is great :)

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