Tuesday, May 1, 2012

melonJS 0.9.3

Hi there !

I’m pleased to announce that melonJS 0.9.3 is now available !

So to make a long story short, the big change is this release is probably the rewritten mouse event management and the touch event support, which means that melonJS is finally and definitely ready for the mobile device world !  But else, to give you a light change log :

  • Better error management, to better track down issues during development

  • Better documentation, including previously undocumented TMX stuff.

  • New mouse event management (with mouse event emulation on touch devices)

  • Touch event management (including multitouch)

  • Better TMX integration

  • Isometric and Perspective map support (no built-in collision map)

  • A lots of optimization, bug fix and small helpful features

Please see the full changes on github for more details on this new version, and as previously, everything is available through the melonJS download page.

I would like as well to thank everybody that participated in this release, by proposing changes, submitting bug report, feedback, etc... and  I will specially thank here xw332 that helped me correcting a couple of nasty bugs, and Norb with who we worked a lot on the new mouse event management and then the touch event support. Furthermore, the “melonJS community” is growing every day and, for those not coming on the forums, we have a lots of quality production on the way, and I hope to publish here soon about it and introduce those games to you and their respective talented developers :)

For the next release, we have some good stuff already planned as well, in the mean time you can come to our forum for a sneak peak at them, but I hope to see you back here by then.

Have fun !


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