Monday, February 4, 2013

melonJS 0.9.5 is finally here !


With Tiled 0.9.0 being now released, and just in time before the Chinese new year (and the year of the snake), it's also time for us to finally release the new 0.9.5 version of melonJS !

So, concerning the new stuff, and on top of the usual code cleaning, lots of bug fixes and some other useful API additions, here are the main new features (If I did not forget anything) :

    * Parallax layers support is now fully based on the new Image Layer feature from Tiled 0.9.0
    * Added support for Object Pooling (to help limiting memory garbage collection)
    * melonJS now uses Daniel Lamb minPubSub library for event publishing (init, loader, etc…)
    * Added video auto-scaling and fullscreen features
    * Added automatic management of floating object
    * Added a basic plugin API (which will ease extending melonJS)
    * Added a default simple debug plugin (to help debugging games, performances and memory usage)
    * Better mouse/touch event handling
    * Improved collision support (multiple collision, per type check)
    * Partial compatibility fix for cocoonJS (TMX loading is still a problem though, due to XML loading not being supported in cocoonJS) (a new version of cocoonJS has just been released with support for native XML loading)
    * Bunch of new examples : whack-a-mole and a new platfomer demo that replaces (for legal reasons) the previous alex kidd samples.

For the rest and more details, please see the full changes on github for more details.

Most of the changes in this release are backward compatible in terms of API, but for the API breaking changes (because yes, your game won't probably work just after you upgraded), we have been documented them on the wiki (here). If you however see anything missing or wrong please stop by the forum, and we will complete the wiki accordingly.

A big thank also go to all the people that contributed to this release, I don't want to miss anyone here so I will just redirect you to the contributor list. Thank you again guys, this release is also possible thanks to you ! the melonJS "philosophy" is to be a free, open-source and a community based game engine, and we really getting there :)

Also, for those who noticed, there is since a few months a Paypal and Flattr button on the website, and I would like also to thanks all the one that donated, as this year (or last year now), it fully covered all the cost for hosting, domain name, VPN, etc.. :)

And finally, make sure to have a look at the updated gallery page, as since the last 0.9.4, lost of talented people managed to create some awesome stuff with melonJS !

Thank you again to all of you, and the melonJS community hope you will keep having fun with this new version.

Let's work on the next 0.9.6 version now !



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  2. This version is actually pretty good. I like it a lot. I can write my own review about it if you want.

  3. Why you were so excited about this release? I think I will find out soon. Thanks for posting this info here.

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