Monday, May 6, 2013

melonJS 0.9.7 - the mobile edition !

Hi All,

So many things to say for this release !

First right thing to do is probably highlighting the fact that melonJS is now officially supported by a real team ! As, although it was actually already the case since a couple of releases (but more informally), Jason Oster is now officially part of the melonJS development team, helping in bringing more new features and fun faster than light. For those not knowing him yet, Jason is also a talented game developer and keep entertaining us with regular original creation like his last one : sprung fever.

To reflect this change in our melonJS team organization, we now moved the previous repository into an organization based one, which is now available here (be sure to update your bookmarks, as many other links like documentation, or the tutorial also changed to reflect this).

Then about this new release itself, plenty of exciting things to say :

  • We added support for Texture Packer : to optimize memory usage and loading time

  • We added JSON format support for TMX Tiled maps : so that no browsers can complain anymore about the TMX format :)

  • We added built-in support for CocoonJS, through the JSON format of course, but as well through direct and automatic usage of specific extension : to ease deployment of melonJS based games on mobile devices.

  • We redesigned Object Entity hierarchy/inheritance to use a renderable component approach (that will now hold the “drawable” part of the entity) : to simplify object definition and also allow for more flexibility with 3rd-party “drawable” components (who says spine?).

  • We Largely improved the Font and Bitmap Font objects (multi-line support, cleaned the API, etc..)

  • And so many other things, that you should rather have a look at the Changelog

Now, taking in account features added in previous version of melonJS like Object Pooling, or dynamic map rendering, I think we definitely have a version ready for the mobile and tablet world, and we are definitely looking forward seeing more stuff deployed on any “store” out-there !

Talking about deploying stuff, be sure as well to consult our wiki, we have some good stuff there like a FAQ, various links, and specially the upgrade guide  that will help you identify the point of attention when upgrading from a previous version.

For the near future, more fancy things are also coming, we decided now to keep the development cycle as short of possible (ideally 2 or 3 months maxisum) and for the next 0.9.8 milestone , amongst the numerous identified tickets, Jason is currently cooking us something with the objective to revamp the aging current built-in collision detection, with something offering better performances, better physics and a multi-phase collision detection algorithm !

Finally, I would like to thank the melonJS community, which is really really getting bigger and bigger every day, and that not only provides us with much valuable feedback, bug reports, but as well with numerous patches. So to name a few, thank you bsparks (yes we finally switch to grunt), Andyveliz, jvalduvieco, DblK, agmcleod, vegar, and many others that helped us during this release !

Stay tuned for version 0.9.8, and have fun !
The melonJS team.


  1. I hope the mobile devices support is much more improved since I tested a few games from melonJS gallery page and all of them runs on Dell Streak 5 (Android 2.2) with no sound and ~10 FPS.

  2. Well you cannot really judge by the examples in the gallery, as most of them are not optimized for mobile devices(also, but I guess you won't like me saying that : I would say that your phone is probably not the best reference for HTML5).

    Now if you wonder how to optimize a game for mobile, you can have a peak at by reading the first question of our FAQ :

    Cheers, and thank you for the support !

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