Thursday, September 26, 2013

melonJS supports mobile game developers and charity!

Mobile gaming is becoming a bigger focus for melonJS in recent releases, and 0.9.9 will be no exception! We have some exciting new features coming, including full support for the device orientation and accelerometer APIs, as well as some better optimizations for memory management, which are especially important for mobile devices.

As a bit of an early celebration for the upcoming melonJS 0.9.9 release, I made one of the top contributions to Humble Mobile Bundle 2 in support of Child's Play Charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation on behalf of the melonJS team. Or as I tweeted yesterday, "Make games. Support charity!"

In addition to the charitable donation, a portion of this contribution also goes to the hard working game developers that made the awesome mobile games that are available in this bundle. Thanks to Star Command LLC, Kumobius, Noodlecake Studios, Ninja Kiwi, Crescent Moon Games, and Stainless Games for making this Mobile Bundle such an excellent grab!

This contribution goes to helping children in need around the world with games, toys, and books with Child's Play Charity, and furthers the fight for the open web with the EFF. If you would like to make a contribution of your own, please visit and choose a value, and how you would like to divide it among the charities and game developers. You'll feel good about helping, and you'll get a great selection of games as an extra perk!

If you're not able to make a contribution, that's quite ok, too! You can still help out by spreading the word. Tell your friends about melonJS, and how we're helping to make mobile game development better through the power of HTML5. Inspire someone to build great games, and donate to a good cause.

Finally, a huge thanks and shout out to the developers that have submitted patches and features that will appear in 0.9.9 when it releases in about two weeks. To name just a few: Aaron McCleodNikolay LazarovJulien Dutriaux, and Sean M.

- melonJS Team


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