Tuesday, May 12, 2015

melonJS 2.1.0 unleashed !

Following on the trend we initiated with the 2.0.x series, we are very happy today to finally release a new version of melonJS. Things have been running a bit slower these last couple of months, as we were all very busy with other projects, but we still managed to pack this this one with new features that I believe you will be excited about as well ! 

Here is the list of highlights for version 2.1.0 :

  • A new fancy screen independent scaling feature, see here for more details (@Djokal).
  • High-Precision color transformation, so that you can have more accurate color effects
  • Improve collision handling and detection : entity bodies now have a default shape, collision between nested containers has been fixed
  • the loader has been improved and now handle assets filename in a case-sensitive way
  • the Font object has been updated to rely on the me.Color object, for higher precision (@xorinzor)
  • the Input system has been improved and now managed `pointerenter` and `pointerleave` events (@TheManuz), but as well to work with any shape and not just rectangles.
  • we added support for the physicEditor Tool, which will allow you to define complex collision shapes for your entities.
  • a crisper video rendering on Chrome when scaling content, thanks to the new image-rendering property.

Additionally to these awesome new features, we have two additional things we are particularly proud of :

  • WebGL : Jason (@Parasyte) has done a tremendous amount of work on our WebGL renderer and managed to get it out of the wood with a more mature and stable implementation (including advanced things like batch drawing). Our WebGL renderer has therefore now reached a more beta quality level, and although we still have some limitations (e.g. the DebugPanel only works for now in Canvas mode, using me.Font is not recommended as it has some performances impact in webGL), it's already fully functional !
  • Tutorial : yes, you read it correctly, after all this time with only one tutorial, we finally have a new one ! This one is a Space Invaders tutorial, thanks to the hard work of Aaron (@agmcleod) !

And last but not least we also have the usual batch of other small improvements, fixes, and changes, see the full changelog for more details. Also make sure to have a look at our upgrade guide to help you with the API Changes.

Finally, you can download it here :

As always, thank you everyone who has contributed to this release, melonJS is meant to be a community based project, and all these contribution is also what keeps it alive. Furthermore, even if it's just a question, we always learn so much from the community. Sometimes it is about a bug we can fix, or performance improvements, and even new features come out of your feedback.

Most importantly, we're always looking forward to everything that you are making! Don't forget to send us a message @melonJS to show us your progress.

- the melonJS team


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