Sunday, July 26, 2015

melonJS 2.1.3 - Bug Fix!

We were informed of a few bugs and regressions in 2.1.2 right after its release. Rather than turning out a quick release to address those issues, we waited on it a bit. The wait turned out to be a good idea because we were able to discover and fix even more regressions.


Here's the damage:

  • Fixed an issue with decoding audio data on Opera
  • Fixed an audio loop issue on Chrome mobile, and touch event for iOS audio playback
  • Fixed an exception in the Map polyfill
  • Fixed an exception in me.ParticleContainer (introduced in 2.1.2)
  • Fixed TMXLayer opacity when preRender is enabled
  • Fixed ImageLayer opacity
  • Fixed a regression where me.device.getPixelRatio() no longer works when called before (introduced in 2.1.0)
  • Fixed a bug that causes a compile failure with the quad fragment shader on a small number of platforms

Many of these fixes improve stability, and some are just small annoyances that can be worked around. In any case, we recommend users of 2.1.x to upgrade immediately. There are no changes that affect compatibility or behavior.

One final note, we've also fixed some issues with the documentation, including making the shader documentation public with this release, and referencing Texture under its proper namespace. Check it out here:


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