Sunday, May 22, 2016

melonJS 3.1.0 - new cool stuff and other fixes !

A little bit after the small maintenance release that was mostly fixing some issues with Ejecta and the new Apple TV,  we're pleased to announce the arrival of its first minor release version since we started to better follow semantic versioning: melonJS 3.1.0!

Download 3.1.0 here:

Some highlights from the full changelog include:

  • required startup code has been greatly simplified, be sure to check the latest boilerplate
  • tons of improvements on the Audio : improved the API to allow things like changing the play rate or allow streaming audio clip, and also of course includes all the latest fixes/addition from Howler made since 3.0.0
  • me.Color now support the new #RGBA and #RRGGBBAA CSS formats
  • all Ejecta hacks from 3.0.0 have been removed, following the improvements made on Ejecta since then, so be sure to grab the last development version as well
  • fixes when using bare renderable objects in the game world around initialisation and recycling.
  • tons of improvements and fix to the TMX support (latest features from latest versions of Tiled,  regression fixes)
  • fixed a huge regression with pointer events not firing with "floating" regions (you definitely want/need to update to 3.1.0 if you make extensive use of pointer/touch events)
  • fixes to the WebGL renderer (rendering under Safari, TMX clearTile function, compatibility with browser supporting Canvas2DContextAttributes.alpha)

In a few words; bug fixing and new features with no breaking changes; this should be a simple drop-in replacement if you're already using v3.0.x !

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this release with bug reports on the forum, github, and in our gitter chat. We appreciate all the effort you've put into making melonJS the awesome little community it has become.

So, it's time to update! Do let us know what you're building with melonJS, and don't be shy to ask for help or suggestions. We have some friendly developers in the forum that contribute all the time!

- the melonJS team


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