Sunday, December 3, 2017

melonJS 5.0.x !

Greetings ! 

As the end of the year is almost there, it's finally time to release a new version of melonJS, that we have been slowly cooking on GitHub for months now.... 

As announced previously in anticipation for ES6, we completely dropped support for all legacy browser/devices not fully supporting ES5, which means that we removed all related polyfill and/or deprecated events from melonjs. If for any obscure reasons you still need to run things on these oldies, you can use an es5-shim to provide with the missing ES5 features (and it is actually now also included in our boilerplate). 

More details on the changelog are available here, but this new version include the following changes :
  • usual update to the audio module
  • fix and improvement to fullscreen and orientation features
  • tons of fixes to input management for gamepad, keyboard, pointer and multitouch
  • fix for renderable when applying transform and anchor points
  • new `isKinematic` property allowing to opt-out from collision and input events
  • support for group layers (Tiled 1.0) 
  • massive update in the build process (switch to karma, and use of chrome headless for the test unit) thanks to the help of kibertoad
The platformer example has been improved as well and now features a virtual gamepad for when used on touch-enabled devices. Definitely a good start for those looking at adding one to their game, give it a try here !

Also do note that a 5.0.1 version has been published in the mean time, fixing a couple of regressions, so make sure to download that latter version from here

Don't forget to check our Wiki for further information on how to use melonJS but also all for how to use the third party tools that we support like Tile of course, but also TexturePacker, PhysicEditor, BitmapFont Generator, PhoneGap, Ejecta, and others ! And of course comments and feedback on this last version are welcome through our forum

As this will probably be the last post of the year, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and an 
Happy New Year ! 

-- the melonJS team


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