Sunday, January 21, 2018

melonJS 5.1.0

Greetings melonJS friends !

As announced previously, here we are finally with the latest ES5 release of melonJS

More details on the changelog are available here, but this new 5.1.0 version include the following changes :
  • further improvements to the pointer management, with compatibility improvements for multitouch, but also improve touch detection when any transform is applied to the viewport
  • physic bodies can now be added to any Renderable object
  • improvement to the physic implementation with new function to allow basic Line of Sight implementation
  • fix to me.Sprite object where the sprite bounding box position was not taking in account the sprite anchor point
  • melonJS TMX parser and renderer now supports "Collection of Image" tileset
  • usual update of the audio core

As for the next version, we will certainly keep supporting the 5.x branch in parallel for bug fixing or small improvements, but as communicated in our previous blog post, all new features will be added from now on only on the 6.x branch (starting with ES6 class constructor and ES6 module).

Last but not least, as usual, check our Wiki for further information, the upgrade guide, and of course our forum

That's it for today, let us know what you think, including about your expectations for the next 6.0.0 version !

-- the melonJS team


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