Monday, August 13, 2018

melonJS 6.0.0

Greetings !

First of all, the previously announced ES6 only version is being delayed a bit, as the required amount of work to actually convert the whole library is much more complex than initially expected and it has then been a trade off discussion between adding or fixing new stuff in the current ES5 one, or just focusing on a completely new ES6 one.

So for now we decided to balance it and to keep working on the current ES5 with this new 6.0.0 version. Full details are as always available here, but basically it brings the following changes and improvements :
  • Audio support improvements
  • Improved compatibility with the Instant Games platform 
  • added support for WeChat mini-games, see here for a mini tuto
  • Improvements to the Canvas and WebGL renderer : code cleaning, bug fixing, new clipping features
  • Physic improvements (improved the solid body implementation, Physic Editor "properties" Support, gravity can now be applied on both axis, etc.. )
  • New damping feature for the camera, allowing for smoother movement
  • Memory usage and allocation optimisation, especially for those using Tiled
  • Various fixes to renderable and sprite based objects.
  • Javascript support for the loader, which means that now you can load all of your game code off a server and just keep a local index.html file locally.
One additional major change in this version though, from the ES6 to-do list, is that all previous language "extension" have been removed and "sandboxed" under the 'me' namespace. Which beside preventing polluting the global namespace, will allow to properly define independent modules.

Last but not least, as usual, check our Wiki for further information, the upgrade guide (this time again the changes are really limited), and of course our forum

That's it for today, let us know what you think, including about your expectations for the next version !

-- the melonJS team


  1. Great job and congratulation for you and all community. :D


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