Friday, September 17, 2010

[UPDATE] Wanna grab some beers?

As you might have understood, I recently got some interests in the new HTML5 Canvas Element (thanks Gil!), and I'm very happy to show you today the fruit of my last weeks experiments : a Javascript retro remake of the Tapper game :)

Mini Tapper is a simple Javascript "mini" remake of the well known Tapper game by Bally Midway, developed in pure HTML5, including for the Audio part (no flash). So be sure to have a full HTML5 compatible browser. Initially I'm more an Apple Fan and I was hoping this could work with Safari, but it doesn't seem to like the way I implemented the audio and is unfortunately not really compatible when it comes to play background music and SFX.

Surprisingly I found doing this quite "easy" (for a first time with HTML5/JS) , and I think that I actually spent most of my time on the various graphics & sounds ripping, which is maybe a first time for me. Some nice stuff could still be added (that I'll maybe do later), but since it was already fun enough to be playable, I thought it was the good time to make it public.

Feel free to do whatever you want with it (except maybe for the graphics & sounds, since they belong to the original game), but as you will see this is for sure not the best Javascript code ever (but I promise I will do better the next time).

[UPDATE] Just a quick update with the version 1.1 of Tapper, since I finally managed to get the sound fully working with both Safari & Chrome, and corrected a few things like my "preloading" code which was not working as expected.

Cheers !


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