Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Alex 4 - the web edition !

After weeks of work, I'm very happy today to release Alex the Allegator 4, the HTML5 edition !

Alex4 is a WIP HTML5 remake of the classic "Alex the allegator 4" game, available here and created by Johan Peitz from free lunch design. Alex 4 WE, includes for now the first 6 levels of the original game, and has been developed using melonJS, a free HTML5 game engine.  The library being still in alpha stage, don't be surprised to find some bugs in Alex4 :)

Alex4 is hosted at TapJS, allowing to keep track of the highscores. So head over there to try it now !

Alex4 has been completely developed using Tiled, the tilemap editor, as you can also see from the below screenshots :

And finally, melonJS has now a real home, as I opened a small site for it here, so be sure to check it out regulary if you are interested in what will happen next !

Feel free to leave any comments (good or bad) by sending an email at "contact at melonjs dot org".

Enjoy !


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