Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Github - Me : 1 - 1

Finally, after weeks of fighting with the new OSX Github client, I went back to the old classic command line system, and finally managed to get my stuff in github ! (but I'm also not an expert on Github, so for sure my  mistakes)

It's not yet perfect, the "doc" directory is missing, my "web" directory is on the server (despite of the .gitignore file), tabs are all messed up in the source, but if you want to grab the last version, and play with it,  you can grab it now.

As you'll notice, I pushed my dev 0.9.1 version, which includes some bugfix, and some small features, see the Changelog for more details. It's still a dev version, but stable enough.

Last point, I got lots of email about Alex4 not working : this is due to the ongoing maintenance on the TapJS website (Alex4 assets are now missing from the server, and the administration console is unavailable), and I guess it should be back to normal I guess in the few hours/days ?




  1. So..is this more of a look how I got it working now try yourself?
    CC-BY-NC-ND wouldn't allow anyone but yourself to actually build games with your framework. We can take a look at it and distribute it for others to see but that's it.

    Just asking if this was intended.

  2. Well actually, no ! My intention was to find a license allowing everybody to use the engine for non commercial usage (with commercial usage requiring agreement/approval from me), so if what you're saying is true, this is a huge mistake on my side, and is completely unintentional ! Thank you for pointing me this out, I'll have a look tomorrow and change the license. Feel free to give em any recommendation, since you seems to know what you're talking about :)

    Thank you,

  3. Great! Would love to collaborate and help you out! Would you setup a list of requests on github or elsewhere?

  4. Kind of :) in my previous post I listed the following features I would like to have in melonJS :
    - optimization (i.e. tilemap drawing) and bug corrections
    - fully stabilize the API (lacks of coherence, or naming to be corrected)
    -go mobile (touch interface)
    - implement a dirty rectangle mechanism
    - implement support for a “standard” spritesheet format (like texturepacker, zwoptex or something)
    - add some particle management (this is not supported by the engine today)
    - look at possible H/W acceleration (CSS, WebGL)
    - Better integration with Tiled (if possible)

    Would be great for sure to have some people collaborating/helping on the project !

    See you soon, on skype maybe one day :)

  5. Æ!!

    Congrats! I'll follow this project on GitHub.
    I'll be looking forward for you new commits.


  6. Thank you !
    And feel free to contribute & commit something as well :)

  7. Simply removing the "No Derivate" would already suffice. Then your software would be "Open Source" with the possibility to use it for non-commercial purposes. But it would not be "Free Software" as intended.

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