Sunday, December 18, 2011

melonJS License

With melonJS 0.9.2 about to be released, I wanted to clarify the license model for melonJS.

I believe that most of the people fully misunderstood my choice of the Common Creative License (Non Commercial Share-Alike), and the statement where I was saying that the library was free for private usage. I never intended to disallow commercial usage of it, but melonJS being then in early stage, my intention was just to create a dialog with people willing to use it (for commercial usage) and avoid a situation where "serious" developers would come back and complain about everything (and for sure people, including myself, love to complain even for free stuff).

Anyway, following some long debate here, and even an email from the people at Creative Common, I finally decided to relax the license model, and to change from the CC one, to the MIT license.

The MIT license is a popular, human-readable and simple license, that everybody knows and understand, and I believe that most of you will be happy about it.

I already updated the necessary files in github for those interested, and the website should follow in a couple of days, when I will officially release the new 0.9.2 version.

Last but not least, melonJS being an open-source project, I still hope that some of you will come back with some nice additions to the library, and to finally build some community spirit around the engine. Despite of my poor choice of license, this was my goal since day 1, when I decided to publically release melonJS.

That's all, thank you for reading, and have fun !


  1. Been working on a canvas game engine for a few days and I've used TiLeD before - just stumbled upon melonJS and it looks just what I was working towards! Thanks a lot for the license change, I'll be sure to make donations/contributions if any of my games are successful :)

  2. Thank you ! I'll be looking forward for your creations :):):)

    Please also come to see us on the forum if you need any help understanding melonJS (the address is on the main site)

    Cheers !

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