Tuesday, October 29, 2013

0.9.10 maintenance release

Dear all,

Following the last 0.9.9 release, we are today releasing a small 0.9.10 maintenance version that fix some annoying bugs and issues reported since then.

Full changelog is available here, but since there is no API changes in this one compared to previous version, this should just really be an easy & transparent update for all of you.

Today we are also very happy to announce that Aaron McLeod joined the force and is now an official member of the melonJS crew ! melonJS is definitely a community effort based project, and Aaron has been around since a while now, providing great support in the forum, contributing repeatedly to the engine (bug fixing, suggestion, new feature), and have been working on various melonJS based projects that you can discover through our gallery or his blog, and he will therefore definitely help us make melonJS better and better. So welcome Aaron !

Ands always thank you all  for the fantastic feedback and support of everybody !

- melonJS team.


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