Friday, June 5, 2015

melonJS 2.1.1 is ready!

A little less than one month after the last major release (we're still working out how version numbers relate to major releases) we're pleased to announce the arrival of its first maintenance release: v2.1.1!

Download 2.1.1 here:

Some highlights from the full changelog include:

  • A very important compatibility fix for Chrome 43+
  • A bug-fix for nested containers (these never seem to disappoint when it comes to nuance/nuisance bugs!)
  • A bug-fix for the pooling system
  • A bug-fix for me.GUI_Object with the new pointer events (enter and leave)
  • Fixed the me.Font.drawStroke method (@zoiba)

No new features, and no breaking changes; this should be a simple drop-in replacement if you're already using v2.1.0.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this small release with bug reports on the forum, github, and in our gitter chat. We appreciate all the effort you've put into making melonJS the awesome little community it has become.

With the next major release looming in the near future and a wish list that keeps getting longer, it seems like altering our release strategy will be a good idea. We'll continue with maintenance releases on the 2.1.x series, while building new features into the forthcoming 2.2.x series. Any major architectural changes (especially breaking changes) should go into the 3.x.x series. I believe this will help with a lot of the strange upgrade paths we've had in past releases.

We're also working to fix our distribution method by getting dependency managers like bower to install melonJS without the need for any build tools. This will be an important change as we begin moving the framework toward API stability.

That said, it's time to update! Do let us know what you're building with melonJS, and don't be shy to ask for help or suggestions. We have some friendly developers in the forum that contribute all the time!

- the melonJS team


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