Thursday, July 9, 2015

melonJS 2.1.2 - Maintenance Release

The 2.1.x series continues today with a few important bug fixes. Surprisingly, all of the fixes come by way of reports from Lamberto Tedaldi (@zoiba) Cheers for the excellent feedback, Lamberto!


  • No longer replaces a TMX Tile Object's `renderable` property when it is already defined by user-code
  • Fixed renderable bounds initialization with object pooling (caused an issue with AnimationSheet visibility when a level was reloaded)
  • Corrected documentation for me.input.registerPointerEvent() - removed references to the "floating" argument, which has been removed.

2.1.2 is a very small release. Staying with our "release early, release often" schedule, this is what we have for July!

Stay tuned for the upcoming 2.2.x series, which is getting some much bigger changes! We'll be writing some blog articles soon on what to expect in 2.2. Until next time...

- the melonJS team


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