Friday, September 25, 2015

Tutorial : how to use texture atlas with TexturePacker

Similarly to our previous quick tutorial on how to use the PhysicEditor tool, here is today a small tutorial on how to use TexturePacker one, a 3rd party tool to easily generate texture atlas, that can then be later imported in melonJS.

As you might know, using a texture Atlas is one of the best way to optimize project globally as it generally allow to :
  • save memory, by packing all your sprites into a single texture
  • increase your framerate, by optimising the GPU usage
  • make your game start faster, by loading a single texture
Although support for TexturePacker was added in version 0.9.7 which is quite old now, as we are now reaching 3.0.0 for the current development version, we never really wrote any tutorial to show how easy it is to use it, so here it is !

Please see the following link here to access the tutorial on our wiki page.

Finally, do note that melonJS also support texture generated using Shoebox, a free Adobe Air application, through a custom exporter. See our wiki as well for more details.

- the melonJS team


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